NBG offers a competitive advantage for the best return
on your investment.

Our engineers and skilled technicians are dedicated to bringing you the best service.

NBG provides services driven by our values. As a company we have grown globally, partnering with customers in the Americas for more than 25 years. When it comes to metal workmanship and manufacturing of parts, NBG cuts straight to the point with customer satisfaction!

Metal Engineering
We engage in the metal industry by providing full design, fabrication, precision cutting and installation services. Our engineering process is always evolving through our investment in high quality machinery and training to uphold NBG as the preferred supplier of choice.
Laser Cutting Applications
Using the industry’s most reliable technology, we are able to combine lower equipment costs with increased speed and capacity. When extremely detailed work is required by size and thickness, our technology allows for cutting a wide range of metal plates and other organic and inorganic materials.
Precision Sheet Metal
We specialize in high levels of precision cutting services which include clean edges, tight tolerances and short lead times. In addition, we can handle multiple parts on a single sheet providing speed to market capabilities.

We provide fast and reliable in-house metal prototyping services without expensive tooling. In order to evaluate metal part designs, we use reverse engineering and CNC machinery to manufacture rapid metal prototypes.
CNC Punching
We offer punching services which create unlimited shapes in sheet material including cutouts. We specialize in fast change-overs and custom tooling services for high volume runs.

The metal forming and bending markets are open for NBG. We are able to bend a variety of materials in many thicknesses for our customers.
Spot Welding
Spot welding is a stand-alone in-house process which offers symmetrical and asymmetrical tongs and tip configurations. In addition, we offer custom welding fixtures and incorporate single assembly lines to reduce production costs.
Laser Inspection
Our Amada Fabrivision electronic inspection technology for flat and 3D parts offers a quick and accurate automated process. This technology was designed specifically for the sheet metal industry, cuts inspections time to minutes, and makes reverse engineering simple, improving overall efficiency.
Structural Shapes
NBG designs and manufactures high volumes of many angled and structural metal profiles and shapes for residential, commercial, industrial, civil construction and agricultural projects.

We provide quality inspections, scanning services, automatic measurements and digitalization of metal and non-metal parts.
Reverse Engineering
We reverse engineer flat parts directly into CAD files in minutes. Our process is conducted in details, reducing inspection time and increasing the quality control process. In addition, our equipment allows for the implementation of a continuous audit function in our manufacturing process.
Metal Deburring
Metal finishing and deburring services are offered at NBG: dry and wet deburring, passivation, cleaning and tumbling & vibratory deburring are our core finishing capabilities.